Call for Artists

To: Artists

Thank you for considering joining the gallery of Art in Giving.

Art in Giving’s Business Model

Art in Giving gives hope to families stricken with pediatric cancer.  In a most unique and meaningful way, the company combines business with philanthropy and the arts. It sells fine art and/or gift certificates to raise funds for pediatric cancer research. Over 60 galleries, studios and artists participate in donating up to fifty percent of the proceeds to pediatric cancer research.

Art in Giving was launched in May 2009. It creates the environment for:

  • organizations to buy Art in Giving certificates or art that resonates with the values of the organizations for employees, clients, board members, guest speakers  and more as well as to adorn offices and at the same time support a good cause;
  • recipients of the art or the certificates to enjoy the cultural experience when redeeming their certificates for fine art;
  • artists to enjoy additional business and publicity;
  • pediatric cancer researchers to obtain critical funding.


Art in Giving has been able to secure a few clients including Sanofi/Genzyme, Pfizer, MassBio Technology Council, Harvard Pilgrim Heath Care, Raymond James and Associates, Microsoft Cambridge, Harvard Medical School, Sherin and Lodgen LLP, Boston Private Bank, The Beal Companies, National Development, The Davis Companies, Sotheby Gibson Real Estate, Pinnacle Real Estate, Amramp, Wellesley Bank and many individuals. We have 18 members on our board of directors, including the former President of Children’s Hospital in Boston.  Please note that one of our value propositions is to target funds that are not solely philanthropic. Art in Giving’s business model should not take away funds from other philanthropies supported in the past by these organizations.  Our target funds come from recognition budgets and facility management and art budgets.

To date, Art in Giving issued close to 100 gift certificates. The Gift Certificate gives honorees the opportunity to experience a cultural journey in their selection of a piece of art that feels special to them.  In addition to the honor, fifty percent of the proceeds are donated to a public charitable 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to funding research grants to find a cure for pediatric cancer and programs to help families cope with childhood cancer, The Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation,

Since 1999, The Foundation has supported the National Brain Tumor Society and other cancer organizations to provide grants to researchers dedicated to finding a cure focusing on pediatric cancer.

Role of Art in Giving:

Art in Giving directs the business development efforts including:

Advocating for the program, the artists and the cause of the Foundation;

Making presentations to organizations who are likely to become partners of Art in Giving;

Creating marketing collateral;

Maintaining the on line Art in Giving Gallery

Finding venues to host exhibits for the members; and

Organizing private visits of potential partners to members’ studios.

Expectations from Members

Expectations from Art in Giving include:

1)  Submission of 4 to 6 art pieces for review by Curator and art committee.

Once approved, submission of 10-12 images of pieces of art to be added to the Art in Giving Gallery.  Each image should be 72 dpi, perhaps 1200×1200 pixels or smaller, and with its file name containing all the piece’s information as such:

  • Artists Name separated by hyphens
  • under bar
  • Name of the Piece separated by hyphens
  • under bar
  • Dimensions ( height first then width) with a lowercase ‘x’ for clarity, Media, and Price all separated by hyphens
  • then the .jpg or whatever the extension is

So if a painting by the artist Eliane Markoff is titled ‘Sunday Flowers’, is oil on canvas, measures 32 x 32 and is valued at $3600, please send its image titled as:


Note there are no spaces, commas, dollar signs, etc., only upper and lowercase letters, under bars, hyphens and periods.

2) Participate in Art in Giving exhibits. We hold 2 to 4 a year.

3) Participate in the Corporate Art Loan Program allowing us to exhibit 4 to 6 pieces of your art work in lobbies and corporate offices.

4) Provide at last 2 corporate contacts who may be interested in learning about Art in Giving and your joining its gallery.


Please note:

All artwork on our website should be available for sale and timely delivery unless otherwise noted. With this in mind, help us keep the website up to date:

–please let us know when your work has been sold as soon as you can so we can   remove from the websites or mark it as sold.


Financial model for Art in Giving

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Art in Giving.  Partnership is a team and collaborative effort, both critical to the success of Art in Giving.

The sale of art as a result of Art in Giving’s efforts will be allocated as follow:

50% to the artist whose art is selected

50% to the Rachel Molly Markoff Foundation for pediatric cancer research.


Name of artist ____________________________

Signature _______________________________






Document edited last in April 2014
Eliane Markoff

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